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O Great Guru! Help Me to Attain to the Nameless Abode of God!

O Sadguru! Help Me Attain to the Nameless Land! - Maharshi Mehi
Special on Guru Purnima

[English translation of an emotive prayer composed by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj (28.04.1885-08.06.1986), based on its Hindi Translation by Maharshi Santsewi Ji Paramhans excerpted from Maharshi Mehi’s wonderful book “Mehi Padavali” (Poems of Mehi).

-Translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh ( , ) ]

The Hindi Text:


The English Translation:

O Sadguru(True Guru)! You are the embodiment of compassion and love;

Kindly accept my prayers.
I am sinner, amorous and mean-minded; know me to be one with impure intellect 1

It is in the nature of a true devotee to grieve in others’ grief, and

to rejoice in other’s progress & prosperity.

I am not so even in my dreams; I am merely the source of anguish, bringing sorrow to all & sundry in this world2

A true devotee never casts a greedy eye at other women (other than his own wife) and at others’ wealth.

But my mind always keeps running among these very (proscribed) things even when I am surrounded by millions of people. 3

True devotees are forgiving, full of mercy, and always remain calm & composed amidst anything & everything.

I am, to the contrary, devoid of compassion, hard-hearted and, as a consequence (of the six defilements of my mind), burning all the time, burning like fire 4

How far, O Lord, shall I describe my crookedness?
I don’t find any way to focus my mind at thy lotus-feet! 5

Teach me through your Satsang (noble company) the right way so that,

I may set my feet on the same path as that treaded by the devotees.

Otherwise, I shall continue to be singed in this world in the same way as those without (or turned away from) Sadguru do. 6

O Guru! I am genuinely afraid to think of smouldering like this, but my mind does not mend its way.

At times I do counsel my mind, but in vain, as it does not have any lasting impact. 7

O Gurudev! I have lost out to my mind and poignantly cry out to you, O Sadguru.

You are supportive and merciful. Kindly do something so that I may hold firmly your lotus-feet in my heart. 8

At your holy feet lies the sphere of Divine light even as I have fallen into the dark well (of ignorance).

Save me, O Guru, save me! Ascend me into the domain of your radiant form.9

You instructed me to rise through the Sushumna or the Til DwAr, but I am unable to find that path within.
O Gurudev! Have pity on me, dispel the darkness (of my inner sky) and lift me up so that I may move on to the other side of the Til or the Dark Point. 10

Make me fly high into the star-studded sky and even higher into the Region of the Thousand-petalled Lotus (sahasra-dal kamal).

Where Divine light keeps shining bright, where is seen the full moon’s light. O Gurudev! Let these secret splendours be manifest unto me! 11

Trikuti is the source or origin of the three qualities/ attributes (namely sat, raj and tam) which is the abode of the Para Brahma.

O Gurudev! I beseech at your sacred feet; Help me so that I may attain to this house (Trikuti). 12

Here in the Trikuti the Divine Sun shines in all its brilliance.

Where Shuddha Brahma resides and which is renowned as the “ShUnya Desh” (Void Region). 13

Guide me into the Manasarovar, and make me grasp your own name (the Quintessential Primordial Sound/ Word).

The Word (your name) is capable of fulfilling all our wishes and is the essence of the whole creation. 14

Lend me greater power so that I may soar into Maha Shunya (Greater Void),

And even beyond.
I may enter into the Bhanwar Gufa (Whirling Cave) – but even here the pain of transmigration is not relieved entirely. 15

Therefore, O Sadguru, empower me to climb into the Sataloka (The realm of Pure Consciousness or Quintessential Unstruck Word).

O Gurudev! Thus catapulting me into the Sataloka, make me absolutely pure (free of all coverings, shrouds, veils). 16

Bless me that I may cross even the attribute-less Sataloka and attain to the Nameless Land/Soundless State.
O Lord! This way shower your blessings by elevating me unto my own true Home (the Domain of the Absolute Lord that is, God). 17

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